Version 5! Codename: Talia!

Codename: Talia

Well, what you see here is the beginning of mediocre minds version 5. It’s been a very long time since the site was updated; I am not totally sure what it shall become in the future. I think I might spend more time writing about personal projects and the like, with the occasional rant thrown in.

As to what’s been going on with me in the last year or so since I updated?  I changed jobs and am working at a large software company that I like a lot.  It’s challenging but enjoyable.  It’s not game development, but I came to realize that maybe I wanted to make games on my own terms.  So I don’t really miss game development per se… but I do miss some of my old coworkers.

I was also hoping that moving away from games would give me a chance to enjoy games as games once again.  I’m not sure this has happened yet.  I think I know too much and I’m wired too differently now to just sit down and play like I used to 10 years ago.  But here’s hoping!

(For those curious, since I used to make codenames for the previous versions [linked on the side] while I was working on them, there is indeed one for this version. It’s Talia, after the awesome Batman character.  Batman seems to have some of the best female characters among the mainstream comic book lines.  Like many of you familiar with her, I first encountered Talia in the animated series.)

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